17 mai

IMF chief claims consent in hotel ‘attack’Apararea sustine ca menajera de la Sofitel „ar fi fost de acord” sa intretina relatii sexuale cu Dominique Strauss-Kahn * Procurorii americani compara cazul cu cel al lui Roman PolanskiStrauss-Kahn si avocatul Ben BrafmanAvocatul directorului FMI, arestat la New York in urma unei acuzatii de agresiune sexuala formulata de o camerista a unui hotel din metropola americana, a declarat ca menajera „ar fi fost de acord” sa intretina relatii sexuale cu Dominique Strauss-Kahn, relateaza New York Post. Pe de alta parte, procurorii americani au cerut in fata judecatorului sa nu-l elibereze pe cautiune pe seful FMI, comparand cazul acestuia cu cel al lui Roman Polanski, cautat de autoritatile americane in scandalul sexual in care este acuzat ca a violat o tanara de 13 ani, in 1977. Regizorul a fugit din SUA, fiind cautat de justitia americana de peste 30 de ani.Avocatul Ben Brafman a declarat luni, la audierile de la Tribunalul din New York, ca „noi credem ca dovezile care exista nu vor fi concordante cu un act fortat”.O sursa apropiata echipei legale care il apara pe directorul FMI a declarat pentru publicatia americana ca „s-ar putea la fel de bine ca (actul) sa fi fost unul consimtit” si de victima.Potrivit New York Post, declaratia facuta de Brafman ar putea reprezenta „un moment exploziv” in apararea lui Strauss-Kahn.Judecatoarea Melissa Jackson a ordonat insa inchiderea lui Dominique Strauss-Kahn si a refuzat sa-l elibereze in schimbul unei cautiuni de un milion de dolari, invocand riscul ca seful Fondului Monetar International sa fuga din Statele Unite.Judecatoarea pare sa fi tinut cont si de argumentele acuzarii. Procurorul adjunct Daniel Alonzo a comparat cazul lui Strauss-Kahn cu cel al regizorului Roman Polanski, cautat de autoritatile americane in scandalul sexual in care este acuzat ca a violat o tanara de 13 ani, in 1977, dupa care a fugit din SUA.”Este precum cazul lui Roman Polanski – este exact aceeasi situatie”, a spus Alonzo, referindu-se la faptul ca Polanski este cautat de peste 30 de ani de justitia americana.Pe 10 martie 1977, Polanski, atunci in varsta de 43 de ani, „a sedus-o” pe Samantha Geimer, de 13 ani, in timpul unei sedinte foto realizata in casa lui Jack Nicholson. A doua zi, cineastul a fost arestat de politie si acuzat ca i-a dat minorei droguri si alcool, dupa care a violat-o, acuzatii pentru care risca pana la 50 de ani de inchisoare.Regizorul a recunoscut ca a intretinut relatii sexuale consimtite cu o minora si a pledat vinovat pentru acuzatia de „relatii sexuale ilegale”, fapta pentru care a petrecut 47 de zile in inchisoare. La finele lunii ianuarie 1978, Roman Polanski a fugit in Europa. De atunci, el nu a mai revenit niciodata in Statele Unite, de teama de a nu fi inchis. El a fost arestat pe 26 septembrie 2009, in Elvetia, la sosirea sa la Festivalul de Film de la Zurich. In iulie 2010, justitia elvetiana a respins cererea de extradare formulata de procurorii americani. France’s leading presidential candidate may have pounced on a Manhattan hotel maid – but she wanted it, his lawyer asserted in court yesterday, hinting at what could be an explosive defense.”The evidence, we believe, will not be consistent with a forcible encounter,” said Ben Brafman, the high-powered lawyer of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, at the suspect’s sensational arraignment in a packed criminal courtroom.A source close to the defense later told The Post, „There may well have been consent.”Disturbing information also emerged about Strauss-Kahn’s behavior after he left the hotel – including his coolly having lunch with his daughter, who lives in Manhattan, at a restaurant about a half-hour after the alleged attack.Dominique Strauss-Kahn in court yesterday.Steven HirschDominique Strauss-Kahn in court yesterday.see more videosThe developments came as an exhausted and humiliated-looking Strauss-Kahn – a financial jet-setter and world politico – was ordered held without bail by a leery Judge Melissa Jackson, who noted that he had been caught just in the nick of time at JFK Airport.ARREST POURS FUEL ON EUROPE’S FISCAL FIREHE POUNCED ON ME, TOOBrafman tried to convince the judge that Strauss-Khan – who faces four felonies, including attempted rape and criminal sexual acts – was far from a flight risk.”This isn’t someone who was about to flee the jurisdiction . . . He . . . has four children, and being accused of being a rapist is something he wants resolved,” Brafman said of his 62-year-old client.He asked the judge to free him on $1 million bail – Strauss-Kahn’s loyal, New York-born wife, Anne Sinclair, had already wired the entire amount in cash, he said.The white-haired, debonair dad would even stay with his 26-year-old daughter, Camille, a married poli-sci student at Columbia University while awaiting hearings, Brafman said.Camille and her husband arrived about halfway through the hearing to support her father. The pair, both grim-faced and dressed in jeans, said nothing as they stood in the back of the courtroom.But Assistant District Attorney Daniel Alonzo, who had demanded that Strauss-Kahn be remanded without bail, scoffed at the idea.”It’s just like Roman Polanski – it’s the same, exact situation,” Alonzo warned Jackson, referring to the movie director who was charged with a sex act involving a child in California in 1977 and fled to France to dodge prosecution for more than 30 years.France has no extradition agreements with other countries, and Strauss-Kahn faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/seduced_and_she_said_oui_oui_Oj0Z4K8iFIheZa4gvTBUWN#ixzz1MbtTTqTP

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