4 oct.

Marea Britanie: Patru romani, pe lista celor mai periculosi infractori

Politia din Londra a publicat fotografiile a 14 infractori straini care se ascund in pe teritoriul Marii Britanii. Printre acestia se afla sase polonezi, patru romani, cat si cetateni din Albania, Georgia, Italia si Australia.
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Acesti infractori sunt criminali, violatori, talhari care au fugit din statele lor si s-au ascuns in Regatul Unit, in speranta de a scapa de justitie.

Operatiunea de vanatoare a infr4actorilor, numita Sunfire, are ca scop prinderea acestor infractori, cat si informarea populatiei legat de cat de periculosi sunt, informeaza DailyMail.

Unii infractori au intrat in Marea Britanie legal, inainte sa primeasca mandate de arestare.

Cine sunt cei patru romani infractori?

Un criminal suspect, Ioan Cretu, in varsta de 36 de ani, a cautat refugiu in Waterloo, dupa ce a ucis un barbat in Romania.

Un alt roman cautat, Adrian Vasilescu, in varsta de 31 de ani, s-ar ascunde in cartierul Manor Park, in estul Londrei, dupa ce a fugit din tara sa, fiind acuzat de taierea gatului unei femei cu cioburile unei sticle de bere.

Ion Ciprian Bobocel, in varsta de 27 de ani, este cautat pentru uciderea victimei sale dupa ce a lovit-o in cap, in timpul unui jaf violent in Romania. De asemenea, acesta s-ar afla tot in estul Londrei.

Costin Cristian Stoica, in varsta de 23 de ani, a atacat o femeie cu spray toxic, iar apoi i-a furat geanta. Acesta lucreaza ca instalator sau electrician in nordul Londrei, potrivit Politiei.

„Tarile in care aceste crime s-au intamplat doresc ca infractorii sa se intoarca in fata justitiei pentru a plati pentru actele lor si este in interesul din Londrei sa ajute in gasirea lor” a declarat detectivul Pete Rance.
The names and photos of more than a dozen violent foreign criminals are released by police today.

Suspected multiple murderers, rapists and robbers have fled from countries including Romania, Poland, Albania and Australia to hide in the UK in the hope of escaping justice.

Detectives have launched a manhunt, codenamed Operation Sunfire, to trace 14 fugitives wanted from around the world.
On the run: (top, L-R) Mehmoud Farah, Adrian Vasilescu, Dominik Witczak, Ioan Cretu and Costin Cristian Stoica; (bottom, L-R) Radoslaw Nkaye, Ion Ciprian Bobocel, Michal Smolen, Dariusz Hanusiak and Dane Charles Vidgen

On the run: (top, L-R) Mehmoud Farah, Adrian Vasilescu, Dominik Witczak, Ioan Cretu and Costin Cristian Stoica; (bottom, L-R) Radoslaw Nkaye, Ion Ciprian Bobocel, Michal Smolen, Dariusz Hanusiak and Dane Charles Vidgen

They include a suspected serial killer thought to have skipped Albania after a killing spree.

Ndrieim Sadushi, 41, is thought to have murdered three people and attempted to kill a fourth in his native country in 1997.

Also on the run in Britain are Polish brothers Wojciech Glowacki, 29, and Dariusz Glowacki, 33, who are both wanted for raping a young girl.


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Wojciech is also suspected of further child sex attacks in his native Poland and the pair are thought to be hiding in or around London.

The gallery of suspects includes four Romanians, six Poles and fugitives from Albania, Georgia, Australia and Italy.

Some offenders may have entered the country legally before arrest warrants were issued.

Dariusz Hanusiak, 28, is suspected of being part of a gang who carried out a horrific murder in Poland, with the attackers taking turns to beat and stab their victim to death. He has been linked to Southend-on-Sea, Essex.
Wanted: Wojciech Glowacki, Dariusz Glowacki, Ndrieim Sadushi and Tato Kakauridze

Wanted: Wojciech Glowacki, Dariusz Glowacki, Ndrieim Sadushi and Tato Kakauridze

Another suspected killer, Ioan Cretu, 36, is thought to have sought refuge in Waterloo after battering a man to death in Romania.

Detectives want to trace Tato Kakauridze, 33, who is accused of a fatal stabbing in Georgia and has been linked to Leeds and surrounding areas.

Others sought for extradition are wanted over serious attacks, robberies and drug dealing.

Police are seeking Mehmoud Farah, 52, who is accused of sexually assaulting a man at knifepoint in Italy.

The Egyptian, who speaks Arabic and Italian, has links to Lewisham and New Cross in South London.

Adrian Vasilescu, 31, is thought to be hiding out in Manor Park, East London, after fleeing Romania where he is accused of cutting his victim’s throat using a beer bottle.

Ion Ciprian Bobocel, 27, is accused of battering his victim around the head during a violent robbery in Romania.

He is also thought to be in the East London area and has links to Ilford, Dagenham and Essex.

Costin Cristian Stoica, 23, is wanted in Romania where he is accused of spraying a woman in the face with a noxious substance and stealing her handbag.

Police believe he is in the North London area and could be working as a plumber or electrician.

Dane Charles Vidgen, 27, who is wanted in Australia for attacking someone with a glass, is also thought to be living in London under the alias Dee Bridger.

The officer leading the manhunt, Detective Sergeant Pete Rance, said: ‘We are hoping the public’s vigilance can help us in tracing these men.

‘Many are considered dangerous and should not be approached.

‘The countries where these crimes happened want these men back to face justice for these offences and it is in the interests of London to help find them.’

Police are urging anyone with information on the suspects to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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