Hillary Clinton is an alcoholic

30 Oct

Fellowship of the Minds

The American Medical Association defines an „alcoholic” as someone who:

  1. Has a prolongedperiod of frequent,heavyalcoholuse.
  2. Is unable to controldrinkingonce it hasbegun.
  3. Has withdrawalsymptomswhentheindividualstopsusingalcohol.
  4. Needs to usemoreandmorealcohol to achievethesameeffects.
  5. Has a variety of socialand/orlegalproblemsarisingfromalcoholuse.

By that definition, Hillary Clinton is an alcoholic.


Exhibit A

In an email to Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta on August 8, 2015, Director of Communications for Hillary’s campaign Jennifer Palmieri wrote, referring to Hillary:

„I think you should call her and sober her upsome.”

Here’s a screenshot of the email released by WikiLeaks:


Exhibit B

On Feb. 23, 2015, Hillary’s spokesman Nick Merrill sent an email (presumably to Hillary’s campaign staff) with the subject: „HRC Clips” (news clips on Hillary Rodham Clinton). The news clips that…

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