10 nov.

Alegerile prezidențiale din SUA reprezintă o „alegere binară” care se reduce la o decizie de genul „stat-națiune versus gloabalism”. Așa crede Stephen Miller, principalul consultant politic al miliardarului american care candidează la învestitura republicană pentru alegerile prezidențiale din SUA.
Națiunea americană se află „într-un punct critic”, fiind în faza în care se poate spune că „nu mai există cale de întoarcere”, susține consultantul politic al lui Trump. Dar, susține tot el, alegerile reprezintă o oportunitate de a o rupe cu ” îndelunga raliere a polticienilor americani la ideologia globalistă”, lucru care nu sevește intereselor populației americane, informeaza

On Monday’s Breitbart News Daily, Donald Trump’s Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller said this election represents “binary choice” that boils down to a decision of “nation-state versus globalism.”


Miller warned that that nation is “at a tipping point” and is “nearing a point of no-return.” The election, Miller explained, represents an opportunity to break from Washington politicians’ longstanding adherence to the “globalist ideology,” which has not served the interest of the American people.

“You have one candidate with a clear position on understanding that a country has to serve the interests of its own people, not just the interests of international commerce,” Miller said.

“Donald Trump is the only person who can change the system so it works for working Americans… he is the only candidate now who in multiple debates has laid out a pro-American trade policy– the only candidate,” Miller explained. “If you want a candidate who’s going to advance a trade policy that serves you and your family, there is only choice to make. It’s as simple as that.”

“A pro-American trade policy is a trade policy that protects and preserves American manufacturing. Understanding that it is the economic interest, security interest, and social interest of the United States to have a manufacturing base in this country… You can’t just be a service economy… and he [Trump] understands that.”

Miller explained that if the U.S. does not start making good trade deals, “jobs will disappear and never come back. We’ve seen it in New Hampshire, we’ve seen it in South Carolina, we’ve seen it all across this country.”

Miller previously served as the communications director for the man who had led the conservative opposition to Obama’s trade agenda, Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Miller warned that President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which has been previously endorsed by many of Trump’s rivals, “is potentially that point of no return… if we go down that road, we may lose industry after industry after industry. And more importantly– or more tragically– our sovereignty with it.”

Trump, Miller explained, is “the only candidate who has been strong and consistent in his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. And so that it is an issue where it is as clear as black and white–it is a binary choice– if you want a candidate who’s going to advance a trade policy that serves you and your family, there is only one choice to make. It’s as simple as that.”

Marco Rubio previously endorsed President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, on multiple occasions. Similarly Ted Cruz had initially supported President Obama’s trade agenda– having co-authored an op-ed with Paul Ryan in the Wall Street Journal in favor of fast-tracking the deal. Cruz later reversed his support citing specific concerns about the deal’s provisions regarding immigration law and the export-import bank.

Breitbarts News Daily host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon pressed Miller on the criticism Trump’s pro-American trade policy has received from professional Republicans. Bannon said:

So the GOP smart-set– all the guys at National Review and all of the guys at the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal– are going to start mocking you and mocking Donald Trump right now. [They’ll say:] ‘This whole idea that you’re going to bring back jobs 10 million jobs from China is a total fantasy.’ [To] everything you just said, [they’ll say], ‘These guys are Luddites, they’re anti-technology, all those types of jobs should go to China, they should go to Mexico, because we’re going to have a whole service economy that’s going to drive this country… We’re a post-industrial society and you guys are talking about something from the 19th Century.’ What say you, Mr. Miller?

“Part of being a conservative is looking at results. We’ve followed the globalist ideology– and it’s an ideology. It is not fact-based,” Miller said.

This election, Miller explained, comes down to, “nation-state versus globalism. And the reality is, is that the results. The record is in. The jobs haven’t come back, wages haven’t gone up, communities haven’t been rebuilt. The jobs left, the wages left, the incomes left, and they never came back and only Donald J. Trump is going to bring them back.”

Donald Trump is a builder. He’s a person who creates building, and products and jobs and builds up communities, builds these beautiful golf courses– he understands that for a country to be great, it has to be a country that manufactures, and builds, and produces. You can’t just be a service economy. You have to have actual durable goods that you are producing, and he understands that. And as a man who has done business all around the world, he also understands that there’s theory and then there’s reality. And when you’re making a deal, when you’re sitting across the table from a ruthless negotiator you have to strike a good deal for your interests. As President, he’ll strike a good deal for America…

“If you wake up in the morning and you believe that the system hasn’t been working for you, if you don’t think your politicians have your best interests at heart, if you think they’re bought and paid for, then it’s very simple: you’re going to be voting for Donald J. Trump for President.”

„Aveți în față un candidat, cu o poziție clară, care înțelege că o țară trebuie să servească interesele propriului popor, nu pe cele ale comerțului internațional”, spune Miller despre cel pe care a ales să în consilieze în cursa pentru Casa Albă.
„Donald Trump este singurul care poate schimba sistemul astfel încât să funcționeze în interesul americanilor. El este singurul candidat care în timpul numeroaselor dezbaterilor a expus o politică a comerțului pro-americană”, a afirmat Miller, îndemnându-i pe americani să îl voteze pe Trump, dacă doresc un lider care să servească interesele comerciale ale familiilor lor.


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