Norway strikes again!

23 Noi

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Familia Nan 7 2016

Are the Norwegian authorities so profoundly arrogant, proudful and egotistical, that they have lost complete sight of any form of moral ground to stand on? Is this behaviour the side-effect to the power Norway’s Child Welfare System wields? Must the Norwegian authorities win at all costs, even if that means the cost of an innocent family slowly being destroyed?

It’s so insidious – a Norwegian-made disaster cycle that will only further corrupt and spoil the future through the torturous treatment of this family and their innocent children.

Steven Bennett, Children’s rights advocate:

Dumitru Nan a fost arestat dupa ce familia #Nan a castigat procesul contra Barnevernet si copii s-au intors acasa ! Represaliile incep !

„Dumitru Nan, the husband of Michaela Nan and the father of Bianca and Dragos has been arrested by Norwegian police, even though, the Nan family WON in court, with all charges against them removed…

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