Petition against EU interference in Romania’s Constitution & Letter to Prime Minister Ciolos and the CCR

7 dec.

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The Constitutional Court of Romania has, for the fourth time, postponed a decision on a case involving two homosexual men (one American, and one Romanian) who are seeking to overturn Romania’s Civil Code, which does not recognise same-sex „marriages” contracted in other countries.

The two male applicants were engaged in a so-called „marriage” in Belgium, one of the few countries in the world (20 out of 196) which allow homosexuals to „marry”.

HOWEVER, as every politician and member of any judiciary in Europe know, the definitions of marriage and family STILL remain the competence of each member state.

We know that this is true because on 23 July, 2015, FAFCE President, Antoine Renard, wrote to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, to ask for clarity around some dubious statements made by Frans Timmermans (First Vice-President of the European Commission), in support of same-sex „marriage”.

Mr Tusk replied…

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