Autism: A Curious Case of the Human Mind (2016)

30 mai

emmakwall (explains it all)


Autism: A Curious Case of the Human Mind (2016) – documentary film review

Autism: A Curious Case of the Human Mind (I can’t keep writing that every time so from now I’ll refer to it as ‘Autism’) is an hour long, British independent film made by a team of film students for an incredible £370 budget (take note James Cameron). In fact, after release, the documentary actually raised more for autism charities than the amount that was put into the film. Standing ovation.

So it’s currently doing the film festival rounds and the next planned screening for Autism is at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival on May 11th, where – excitingly – it’s nominated for Best Documentary Feature (I’ve got my fingers crossed). Let’s learn more.

In an attempt to learn more about his brother’s condition, Tom Griffiths sets out to speak to people who experience autism in their day to…

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