Innovation: Ford wants to manufacture the car that runs alone and goes where it wants

28 oct.


A project of Ford factory in Michigan can revolutionize the automotive industry. Dearborn bosses are working on the prototype of a car that runs alone and goes where it wants.

car futurist 1

„For this car, not only the driver is useless, but the passenger. You don’t need to tell it where to go. It knows very well where it has to get.”, a Ford engineer who was tired of moving with business through the city every day told us.

„For us it’s a real release. It’s over ! I don’t have to have a route according to my thinking purposes. I don’t care what it does. It may go to the sea, to the mountains, to fishing… anywhere. It is important that it take care of its life.”, said a guy who was waitinig to buy this revolutionary car.

Experts say this Ford prototype is risky. If it is left to its…

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