A day in Kim Jong-un ‘s life

1 nov.


7.00 – A Kim Jong-un’s personal assistant turns him from one side to the other to not numb his hand. Being a tinker, he remains stuck with his hand under the dictator and has to cut it to be not there when Kim Jong wakes up.


He cuts his hand slowly without a noise with a saw that he always takes with him to clean the president’s teeth. He leaves a pile of blood on the bed, but that’s the deal…

After a few hours Kim Jong-un wakes up an finds the hand in bed and thinks it’s his numb hand. Being dizzy, he orders that his personal assistat, who had to turn him from one side to the other, to be executed.

12.00 – Kim Jong-un has lunch, as he calls the eighth meal of the day. He eats ocean fish marinated in tears of a child grown in…

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