Top 3 Communist Superheroes

12 nov.


If you think superheroes comics are a capitalist invention, you deceive yourself. Long before the Spider Man, Batman and Fantastic Woman, the communist countries had their own heroes of class struggle fulfilling the Five-Year Plan in two hours, were immune to electrical power, regulary defetead the Captain Bourgeois and saved the planet from imperialism.

communist heroes

1. Captain Security – a simple boy from the country who was bitten by Lenin during a visit to Moscow, and so he developed his own superhuman powers that help him in the fight against currency speculators, gold smugglers, conspirators and comrades who had relatives abroad and who were planning  to flee from the country.

The legend says he had an extraordinary hearing, could intercept the phones just by picking up a receiver and read the letters of the people just by unzipping the envelope.

Besides the fact that he was endowed with the usual power…

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