Medway don’t let EUGENE DIE! Prietenul nostru, Eugene, se simte tot mai rău în prezent făcând greva foamei în închisoare

10 ian.

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A big THANK YOU to Laura Tucker, The Pro Reintregirea Familiei team and all those working feverishly on behalf of Eugene and his son. For those of us around the world who are watching and weeping as a father fights with his own life for his own son who was so cruelly taken away from him, we canget involved in at least 2 ways from afar. We can PRAY daily for God to give Eugene strength and keep his body from major damage from the 47 days of hunger strike he has engaged in so far. And we can also go to this petition and sign our names in a visible show of support for EUGENE and his son. Also, if anyone can spare any donation for Eugene and his case, here is the information needed: Parinti Pro Copii

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