31 aug.

I am a Romanian journalist, and I am writing to you since my country can’t answer your letter.

Dear Mister Rudolph W. Giuliani,

I am a Romanian journalist, and I am writing to you since my country can’t answer your letter (I hope, nevertheless, that other fellow citizens will follow this lead). It is impossible for my compatriots to reach you, as long as Romania has been divided into two factions, each of them blinded by the wish to overcome the other, and to maintain control among Romanian state institutions.

In the time following your letter, the Romanian Ambassador in Washington, one of the authors of an unfortunate mechanism of command over the justice system and society in general, tried to diminish the impact of your letter. Therefore, I feel obliged to join in your footsteps. The Ambassador, the Romanian President and his predecessor are very pleased with the disaster brought about by the secret protocols you have mentioned, their nefarious efficiency over political enemies and with the level of control they provide over the justice system, the economy and the civil society.

Mister Rudolph Giuliani, some politicians and agents have honed and perfected techniques employed by the ex-communist secret services, using them to bring about a system that damages more than just the justice system and the rule of law in Romania.

This totalitarian mentality has spread across all economic sectors, impeding the country’s development, influencing the political arena, in mass-media and NGOs. The system which you address in your letter rules our entire society, from political parties to the financial sector, townlarge municipalities and even small local communities.

As a former communist country, Romania has inherited from that era a unique know-how regarding manipulation and diversion, making it capable to mimic institutions, careers, biographies, laws and procedures. The creators of this mechanism, democratic only in appearance but totalitarian in essence, have already started to dismiss your appeal, all in the name of a state that mimics the rule of law and defends solely their and their families’ interests and prosperity.

Heads of secret services, The National Anticorruption Department and star politicians all pretend to fight against corruption, a phenomenon which is in fact their own creation. The target of their crusade: A large number of prosecutors, judges, high level officers from the intelligence community and employees of the justice system. What is never mentioned is that absolutely all of them use in a stage-managed way the state institutions, in order to eliminate their adversaries and gain command over economic goods.

It might be hard to believe that in an European and democratic Romania, also a US partner, not even the acquisition of toilet paper in government ministries is subject to fair purchasing procedures or the free market. If you are not tolerated by people within this type of state, you do not exist.

Mr. Giuliani, you are widely known for your successes in suppressing the mafia in the United States. If mafiosos from your past investigations would have had a Romanian experience, you would still be working hard today to uncover and put them behind bars.

I am not exaggerating, mister Giuliani. In the so-called democratic Romania, evidence is counterfeit, witnesses are dreamed up, information is obtained through blackmail and abuse, and even some online tenders of the Romanian state are completely fake. In Romania, the justice system investigates crimes solely with the help of secret services.

I don’t know, mister Giuliani, how many have become victims of these practices and are serving now heavy handed sentences in prison. 1, 10 or maybe 1.000. But indeed I have seen with my own eyes innocent people cheated by secret services and anticorruption prosecutors, unfortunately with the help of some officials working for the US Embassy in Romania.

A certain group of adventurers and opportunists control the politics of my country and use it only in their personal interest, leaving the needs of our community in the hands of destiny.

Secret services and Romanian diplomats connected to them who dispute your gesture are part of the same vicious mechanism of power. They have their own factories and companies, which are sheltered from any financial or legal oversight and are accountable to no one.

They control key-people within political parties, prosecutors’ offices and courts of law. Hundreds upon hundreds of covert officers have been inflitrated within these public institutions, should the Romanian people be tempted to commit a single fraud or naivety. The totalitarian Romanian state has an profoundly undemocratic essence. The citizen is suspected of an incapacity to defend his country, a remnant of a communist ideology. In actuality, the citizen is a victim of this mentality that stems from people still living in past times.

This Romanian totalitarian mechanism, a „deep state, (Romanian translation: „statul paralel“), as it was named, is a master of the art of deception, it deludes the population, institutions and even great nations. It is extremely sophisticated in speculating the weaknesses or the naivety of those who come in our country. This undemocratic machinery and this totalitarian behavior has developed with foreign support and has been anchored well in European and Euroatlantic institutions. Sometimes, you don’t really know who is looking for you, who is writing to you or with whom you are talking.

Mister Rudolph Giuliani, you did nothing wrong. Even if your original initiative was to inform just one person or group, you should keep going, because your message is reaching a majority of the Romanian public.

Mr. Rudolph W. Giuliani, the rule-of-law state controlled by secret services and prosecutors exists and is being used by both sides, to the detriment of the Romanian people, despite the fact that every day you can see and hear public displays of loyalty and love.

With gratitude and consideration,

Cornel Nistorescu


Cotidianul Journal


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