„Nu vă mai lăsați testați, dacă vreți să trăiți și după 2021!

8 iul.

Nu este disponibilă nicio descriere pentru fotografie.

Testul are cu totul alt scop decât cel pe care îl credeți voi, sau mai bine spus, cel pe care vi-l spun ei.

Introducerea bețișorului foarte adânc în căile nazale provoacă o leziune a barierei hemato-encefalice în adâncul craniului. De aceea testarea și doare atât de îngrozitor…

Testarea atât de adânc efectuată are ca și scop lezarea acestei bariere hemato-encefalice, creând astfel o poartă de intrare directă spre creier pentru orice infecție, cu predilecție cele auto-provocate de purtarea măștii care intoxică cu CO2 și bacterii care se vor aduna în masca ta, inflamând creierul.

Bariera hemato-encefalică este o porțiune de grosimea unui strat celular, ca o graniță, care ferește creierul de toxine și neurotoxinele din vaccinuri, îl ferește de metale grele, bacterii, pesticide și alte toxine care nu au ce căuta în creierul uman, atâta timp cât această barieră nu a fost afectată, găurită sau străpunsă.


Trageți singuri concluziile, de ce sunt în stare cei care au “grijă” de sănătatea noastră, ca să crească cât mai mult numarul de morți de “orice”.

Deci nici măcar testul nu mai este necesar să fie infestat, el va provoca leziunea și de acolo pericolul…” Via Ditta Depner


WHY, WHY, WHY are these test swabs for
Cov id -19 shoved soooooooooooo friggin’ far up your nose?? Hmmmmmmmmm🤔🤔

So, do you happen know what the Blood-Brain barrier is?

Well, check it out folks…..the spot where they are „getting a sample” for the Covid-19 test is called your Blood-Brain barrier.

It is a single layer of cells that protects your brain from heavy metals, pesticides & other toxic substances that are usually kept out, if the barrier has not been damaged.

The Blood-Brain barrier is very, very important. It keeps out toxins & allows only vital nutrients, like oxygen, to reach the brain.

And if for some reason your Blood-Brain barrier is compromised, then it becomes a „Leaky Blood-Brain Barrier – which is an inflamed brain!

Once your Blood-Brain barrier becomes compromised & becomes Leaky, now bacteria & other toxins can enter your brain & infect the brain tissue which can lead to inflammation & can often lead to death.

More symptoms of a Leaky Blood-Brain barrier are long & short term:

this can include Autism, ADD, ADHD, Heart disease, Autoimmune disease, Cancer, Neurodegenerative disease, Stroke, Liver damage, Chronic fatigue (that isn’t resolved with rest), Hypoxia, Anxiety, Mood disorders, Depression & many other mental health conditions like Schizophrenia, Seizures, Memory loss & Cognitive decline resulting in Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

However, a Leaky Brain-Blood barrier doesn’t allow sufficient blood flow to the brain, which then creates abnormal brain activity.

So, take this bit of information on a Leaky Blood-Brain barrier & add a contaminated Coronavirus test & then you should be able to put 2 and 2 together.

The olfactory epithelium is a specialized epithelial tissue that is inside the nasal cavity & is what allows us to smell.

If this protective layer is compromised, it can actually increase the risk of sickness. In humans, this thin tissue lies on the roof of the nasal cavity about 7 cm above & behind the nostrils.

The olfactory epithelium is also a part of the olfactory system & is directly responsible for detecting odors.

Olfactory receptors have a mucus membrane that protect the nerurons from any toxins that are not dissolvable in water.

It’s a defense system inhibiting any poisons that you might smell in the air. Breaking the Blood-Brain barrier would be an absolutely perfect way for the Evil elites to push their agenda.

Even if the tests are not contaminated…. understand that when the Blood-Brain barrier has been broken by a swab that has literally been SHOVED WAAAAAAY TF up your nose – then you now have a Leaky Blood-Brain barrier.

So, if folks would just do some research, they would see the connection to mask-wearing & breathing in your own CO2 & the bacteria that is festering inside the mask you are wearing.

Then factor in that your oxygen levels are most definitely decreased when wearing a mask, along with all of this stress/depression that has been created by a FAKE ASS pandemic, you now are even more susceptible to getting extremely sick.

People need to be eating completely healthy right now. You really should be eating fruits & vegetables & in my opinion… NO DEAD ANIMAL FLESH that may be contaminated by many, many diseases & viruses like Swine Flu!

I truly believe wholeheartedly that something really bad is coming very soon. We all need to prepare our bodies immediately & make surviving a „second wave virus” easier.

OR maybe 5G will be the true cause of a supposed „second wave”.

5G will soon be everywhere & it is being installed all over the world. 5G poisoning will have the same symptoms as Rona.

Just keep in mind, soon…..there may possibly be food shortages & many other various tribulations.

If you have all of these food addictions (or any other addiction for that matter) & in the midst of many trials, your focus will be overcoming/satifying those addictions, making endurance much more difficult.

However, if you’re prepared… you can more readily focus on God & follow His leading amidst the disturbing destruction happening to the world.

Now I know why President Trump wanted to slow down the testing. He is trying to warn us!!!!

What Causes Leaky Brain? Repairing the Blood Brain Barrier


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